Paphos links

Guide to Paphos.

Geoff & Janice's All About Paphos' Web Site. A mixed lot but with some info about Paphos.

The Paphos Post. Message board where tourist experiences are exchanged - like e.g. restaurants. You must sign up as a user.

Seven St. Georges Tavern.
Seven St. Georges Tavern may be the best Cypriot restaurant in Cyprus.

Cyprus links

Cyprus Facts and Travel Tips. My own facts page.
The weather in Cyprus (forecast).
Lonely Planet
Cyprus Travel Guide. Tourist information.
A Window on Cyprus. Tourist information.

Pictures & Maps

Lots of photos from Cyprus
Maps of cities and regions.


Cyprus Weekly.
Cyprus Mail.

Cyprus travelogues

Cyprus Revisited. From our holiday in Larnaca 2004.
Cyprus 2002. Impressions from our first trip to Cyprus.
Elisabeth & Teije's travel website.