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This website,, has some "normal" pages about travels, macros in Excel etc. There are also two blogs (using WordPress): Dette og hint and God mad.

Owner, editor, responsible etc. is Eric Bentzen, and you can make contact by writing a mail to: kan-hurtigt-skifte at sitestory dot dk.

This page describes privacy matters and cookie use on the "normal" pages. The blogs differ slightly, but anyway they are in Danish.

The "normal" pages (non blog pages) store no personal data.


This website uses cookies, and they are set automatically, if you access this site from a non-EU country, or if you continue to use the site.

However, no cookies are set, as you read this, if you came here by clicking the "More info" button in the cookie pop up-window. No cookies will be set, if you leave the site by closing this and the previous window.

Anonymous geolocation is used to determine the geolocation of your IP address. If it is in a non-EU country, the cookie consent pop-up should not appear - and vice versa.

However, until I have uploaded all pages with geolocation check, you might see the pop-up, even if you are not in the EU.

If you accept cookies from this site, your browser receives a cookie to remember your choice. Your choice affects all cookies and has a life span of 30 days. After 30 days you are asked again.

The accept cookie can be identified by its name: "_csok" + number, and its domain:

What cookies?

I use Google Analytics to collect and analyze traffic information. Remarketing is switched off. Seeing what readers like helps me improve future content.

Google Analytics sets cookies, that can be identified by their names:

  • _utma (life span 2 years)
  • _utmb (life span 1 day or less)
  • _utmc (life span ?)
  • _utmz (life span year)
  • _utmt (life span 1 day or less)

You can reject cookies from Google Analytics from this page, and then it applies to the internet as a whole and not this website only.

I have some embedded videos from YouTube. When they are played, they set cookies just as if you visit YouTube's pages.

This website uses ads from Google Adsense. Adsense uses cookies to show (I hope) relevant ads that help finance this website.

These cookies can have many names and are best identified by their domain. They have different life spans.

On How Google uses information you can see how Google uses information.

There are various options for controlling cookies in your browser settings - see your browser's help.


If you write me an e-mail, I may save it and will not share it or your e-mail address with anybody. You can write to me anytime and ask me to delete your mails.

I hope you find my pages useful, and even if you don't, I thank you for visiting.

Eric Bentzen