Disse og flere rejsebeskrivelser på dansk


This site contains trip reports with photos from our travels. We take it easy when on holiday and prefer to stroll and watch everyday life rather than hunt must-sees and monuments. Travelling is also a culinary adventure!

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Italy is in our hearts. Rome's piazzas and sense of history. The palaces along Canal Grande in Venice and silent nights without traffic noise. Sicily's sun and marvellous vegetables. Tuscany's medieval villages, landscapes and great food.


The weather in Cyprus is pleasant in the spring - the mountains bloom and the land is not scorched. The food in southern Cyprus is Greek, but with Turkish inspiration.


Many have lost their holiday heart to the Greek islands, which is understandable - they have a wonderful climate and a very special charm.


Madeira has a pleasant climate all year. There is an abundance of flowers and the landscape is beautiful and rugged.


Malta has a fascinating history and for a few cents you can go by vintage bus almost anywhere.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a charming city in many ways. We revisited in December on a prolonged weekend.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is rightly famous for its beauty. Prices are low and the beer is super!

Krakow in Poland

Krakow is a beautiful old city with many restaurants, museums and concerts. It is not far from Auschwitz/Birkenau or the impressive salt mine in Wieliczka.

Tallinn in Estonia

Tallinn is perfect for a short holiday. The old town is beautiful and very walkable.

A Danube Cruise from Vienna to Bucharest

We boarded the cruise ship Victoria Amazonica in Vienna and flowed in luxury through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria.

Bled in Slovenia

Bled has been a popular health and tourist resort since the Middle Ages. We visited in November 2002 during the Chess Olympics and also saw the caves in Postojna.