Travel Links

Some of my own travelogues have a page with links that are relevant for specific locations - for instance other trip reports on the Internet. The links on this page are of a more general nature.

Guides & Advice

Lonely Planet. Travel tips, maps and descriptions of places all over the world.

Fodor's Personal Trip Planner. Lots of destination guides, reviews of hotels and restaurants etc.

Will Go To. World travel directory and guide.


Gard Karlsen's travelogues and pictures from trips to many countries.

Elisabeth & Teije's travel website Don and Linda Freedman's travelogus.

Hotel & Restaurant Guides

Tripadvisor. Hotel reviews - check before you make a reservation!

Maps A good map service.

Google Maps. And the Google of course...

RailEurope. Interactive maps with railways in Europe.

Fora - Messageboards

Slow travel talk. Dedicated to "Slow Travel", which can best be described as the opposite of rushing from one destination to another. Everyone can visit and read, but you must a membr to post messages.

Tripadvisor has many fora for specific locations/destinations.

TheTravelzine. There are many here who want to see everything in a weekend, but you can also find useful information and people are very helpful.