Cyprus Travelogue 2002

Holiday in Cyprus

Cocktail peanuts from Cyprus Airways

The flight takes off for Larnaca, Cyprus, Saturday April 6th 2002 at 13.05 from Aalborg Airport. We have got some holidays left and long for early spring.

Aircraft designers seem to have overlooked the fact that most people have got legs nowadays, but the flight is uneventful except for crying babies. We go via Copenhagen to unload the last passengers, who returned from Cyprus on the same plane, and to top up with more tourists.

When we enter Cyprus' airspace it is dark, but I get a faint impression of wild rugged mountains before we land in Larnaca 19.40 local time. Local time is CET +1, so we have been in the plane for ca. 5½ hours. Back home it would still be light, but here the sun has set.

We arrive to Larnaca

At the airport my credit card gets on friendly terms with an ATM. Plastic is indeed convenient compared to the times when you had to bring a supply of currency, travellers cheques, giro cards etc. 1 Cypriot pound is 13,12 Danish kroner.

It takes but 10 minutes by bus to Larnaca, but everything is minutely planned. The Swedish guide gives practical information such as where to find the fire extinguishers and emergency exits, about scarce water, the sewers' poor condition and exchange rates.

The seafront promenade

At about 9 we have checked in at the apartment hotel, Kition, and stretch our legs along the beach promenade. The weather is nice and the air like velvet. Those who are booked for the beach resorts, Agia Napa or Fig Tree Bay, will be in the bus for another hour.

A cold pint of lager is just what we need, and that is what we get; first at 'The Bull'n Bush' and later at 'The Meeting Pub', where a young Englishman is fascinated by the fact that I smoke the pipe.

Along the promenade with all its restaurants, cafés and bars there are tourists galore, but also a fair number of local boys and girls. There's a steady flow of cars. Many with open windows and loud music and most with young men who just cruise in a circle along the one-way promenade and back via the parallel street.

A pint of the local and excellent "Keo" is 1.5 £, and we go to bed just after midnight, tired and well done.