Photos from Paphos and Nicosia

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Pavement palm in Paphos

Lemon tree in front of a Pahos house Street and houses in Paphos

Blooming tree in Paphos House in Paphos. Notice the barbecue on the top balcony. Tree by the entrance to a catacomb in Paphos. Rags and strps of cloth are tied to the branches.

Helle greets the guardian of the catacomb. Discover Cyprus... There's a small box with icons by the roadside near the area with archeological excavations in Paphos. Paphos' seafront and fort.

The seafront with the fort in Paphos Cars on the promenade just before sunset in Paphos.s View over Kato Paphos with the new basilica New church Byzantine style. Paphos.

From Tombs of the Kings Road Tombs of the Kings Road in Paphos Awful house fronts in Tombs of the Kings Road in Paphos The public beach in Paphos Lunch at O'bar in Paphos. In Cyprus you can have beer in 63 cl bottles. A part of Hotel Mayfair's pool area. View over Kato Paphos and Hotel Mayfair's pool area. Apartment Hotel Mayfair with aircondition on the roof.

The market in Pano Paphos - junk for tourists.

From Plastres in the Troodos mountains. Colourful tourist 'art'. From a souvenir shop in Troodos.

From Kakopetria's old town. From Kakopetria's old town. Flower car in Kakopetria

From Kakopetria's old town. Church in Nicosia

Nicosia's old city wall. House in Nicosia Old Bedford bus in Nicosia

Winery in Panagia - the best wine is matured in casks. Wine cellar in Panagia Stone wall.

Statue of arch bishop and president Makarios by the Makarios museum in Panagia. Wine tasting in Panagia - and the mandatory Cypriot guide. The loo in Makarios' birth place.

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