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Trumpet flower

Bird of paradise flower Flower in Sant'Angelo

Fishing boat followed by seagulls Fishing net in Sant'Angelo Ischia's south coast near Sant'Angelo

Bruschetta with tomato Cornetto

Ischia Ponte seen from Castello Aragonese's northern parapet Castello Aragonese Seagull and view from Castello Aragonese

Shoulder dog Holiday-maker on the bus Aperitif Procida seen from Castello Aragonese

Ischia Ponte Ischia Ponte and the bridge to Castello Aragonese View and drop from Castello Aragonese

The nuns' cemetery Flowers and view from Castello Aragonese

Shipdog Hot dog Dog in a yellow skirt

Micro taxi Vegetables of a HIGH quality Sign with foreign languages in Ischia Porto

Harbour and rock in Sant'Angelo Lunch in Ischia Ponte Houses in Ischia Porto's harbour

Ham and melon - proschiutto e melone Bistecca - steak Grilled seafood

Yellow house in Casamicciola Terme Rock in the sea by Lacco Ameno Tree against blue sky

Osteria with blooming pergola in Ischia Ponte Towels in Casamicciola Terme Artichokes

Sunrise in Ischia Porto Roundabout in Ischia Porto Cat in Ischia Porto


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