Our last day in Leros

Morning coffee on the balcony while cocks crow, and sheep bleat. The morning light is soft until the sun reaches the hillcrest and hits the balcony at 8:20.

Craftsmen are working on the house down the road, and granny in black goes for her morning walk before the sun hits the road with a club.

Tomorrow morning the trip goes on to Kalymnos, the island south of Leros. It is hard to believe that a week has passed already. I am happy we have one more!

We visit the bakery in Platanos and stroll downhill to Agia Marina. Coffee and people-watching by the harbour. E-mail check at the café.

Helle is happy. The national soccer team beat Portugal on Portuguese turf, and being loyal I say "Well done!" There have been some changes in the Danish government; none for the better, but that was hardly to be expected anyway.

Chairs in Platanos

At the square in Platanos we buy an air-dried local goat cheese from the old woman in black, who also sells vegetables and fruit. As predicted she speaks only one foreign language: Greek.

The man next door knows a few English words and suggests with his hand that the cheese derives from a goat-high animal, so we buy. In the supermarket we find one of the good salamis and in the kiosk some matches. Power-shopping indeed.

Back home Helle washes some smalls before she joins me in the shadow by the pool. After siesta it is balcony time, and Vinnie and the others come out too. There is some talk about the trip home tomorrow. They will be picked at 6:10. Our pickup is not until 7:20 - what a luxury!

Evening in Panteli

Fishing boats in Panteli

Down by the bay we have a look at the fishing boats, before we settle down amongst local men at the slightly sleazy ouzo joint.

The blue hour drifts by and the moon goes on duty. The fluttering waiter at Psaropoula's welcomes us, and the proprietor shows us to a table.

Again we share one of the delicious filo dough rolls with spinach and feta cheese. For main course Helle gets veal "yuvetzi", cooked for a long time, with tomato sauce and the small pasta that look like maggots. I get veal stifado, which are melting pieces of veal in a wine sauce with pearl leeks.

For dessert we order yoghurt with honey, but they haven't got that today, and instead Mr. Flutter brings us some glaze-like sweet stuff on a teaspoon in sugar water. With this a small plate with red grapes in syrup, extremely sweet and good.

Tomorrow morning the trip continues to Kalymnos, the island just south of Leros.

Friday September 12th, 2008

To Kalymnos

The taxi arrives precisely at 7:20 and drives at reckless speed to Xerokambos on Leros' southern tip. The ferry sails from here to Kalymnos at about 7:45.

Xerokambos is very beautiful in the morning light, which gives the colours a warm glow. There are goats on the hillsides. It is very quiet except for cocks crowing from time to time. Some yachtsmen enjoy a morning swim in the calm sea.

The ferry Katarina

Katarina, the ferry, arrives a bit late and leaves at eight. The boat resembles a fishing boat, and despite the lazy breeze and calm sea we roll merrily. We are on our way to Kalymnos.

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