Pompeii, Herculaneum and the National Museum

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Pompeii's main gate

Vesuvius seen from Pompeii Faun From Pompeii - house altar?

Tavern Crimson poppies From Ville of Mysteries

Street in  Pompeii Fountain Fresco in the brothel


Floor mosaic From a magnificent villa

Street and houses in Herculaneum Excavations in Herculaneum

Wall mosaic Wall mosaic Fresco

Ercolano with Vesuvius in the background Market in Ercolano

The National Museum

Part of a Roman mosaic

Fresco from Pompeii Portrait of a baker and his wife

Bust from Villa dei Papiri Fresco from Villa of the Papyri Roman mosaic with cocks

Roman mosaic with fish and poultry Roman mosaic Mosaic

Alexander the Great Alexander's victory over the Persian king Darius Deail from a mosaic

Winged rider on a lion

Mosaic with a skull


Pictures from Naples

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