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Photos from Rome

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Street pictures from Rome

Small cars in Rome Parked Vespas in the centre Via Urbana in the Monti district

Illegal parking near Piazza Minerva Evening at Caffé Fantini Balcony with bicycle Back street near Via Cavour

The angel at Catel Sant'Angelo Madonna picture near the hotel

Madonna on a street corner near Campo dei Fiori Knocker in Via del Babuino Tourists by the Spanish Steps Filling the water bottle

Oasis in Largo di Torre Argentina Santa Maria Maggiore Bridge across the Tiber

Bridge across the Tiber - view from Castel Sant'Angelo Arte Sacra

Campo dei Fiori

Italian shorts at Campo dei Fiori Dried fruit and spices Fruit and vegetables at Campo dei Fiori Vegetables


Inside Pantheon Ray of light from Pantheon's oculus

Piazza Minerva

Tablets in the wall show the water levels of the Tiber Water levels during the floods in the 16th century Bernini's elephant with the obelisk

Piazza Navona and Piazza del Popolo

Obelisk in Piazza del Popolo Fountain in Piazza Navona Golden statue in Piazza Navona

Largo di Torre Argentina and the pyramid

Excavation in Largo di Torre Argentina Pyramid by Piazza Ostiense

Palatine and Colosium

Ruins on Palatine Hill Bench with a view

From Palatine towards Forum Stone pine on Palatine Colosium

Farnese pavilions on Palatine View over Forum Romanum from Palatine Constantine's arch by Colosseum

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Photos from Trastevere, Ostia and more

1. day:
First day in Rome

2. day:
Campo dei Fiori and Piazza Navona

3. day:
To the pyramid and along the Tiber

4. day:
The San Sebastiano catacombs

5. day:
Castel Sant'Angelo

6. day:
To Frascati - oh - Albano

7. day:
Ostia Antica

8. day:
The Pantheon and Piazza Navona district

9-10. day:
Botanical Garden and Palatine

11. day:

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