Our target today is the tourist area Recanati. We want to see how the other half lives.

The buildings here are younger and it is quite nice with green areas and space between the hotels, restaurants and discos. On the way we passed a playground for children, but there is a striking absence of local life.

There are no children playing, no old people on benches, no cracking walls, no lazy cats in the shade, no laundry and no patina.

An almost dry creek  

The weather is perfect with a bright sun and a mild breeze. We visit a supermarket with exorbitant prices (compared to Sigma) and then return to Naxos. The road is pretty with palm trees and the lush archaeological site to the right.

A bridge spans a creek that has almost dried out. Green lizards move in jerks and some birds with long legs search the ponds.

We take a coffee break at Venus Bar on the promenade. I visit the toilet and tell Helle to wait if possible. Some enjoy the sun on the beach and some even swim.

Afternoon rain

Back home we sit on the balcony until it gets too hot. Time for siesta. Within half an hour the sky gets cloudy, and soon a thunderstorm passes with heavy rain. As I close my eyes I feel sorry for those who went on a trip to Etna.

At seven the rain has stopped, so we close our books and go for a walk. The promenade is as nice as ever and the air is clean. We enjoy an aperitivo at Café Chantal. They are busy selling ice. Sicilians eat a lot of ice and it is no wonder they have late supper!

Supper at Taverna Naxos da Angelo

There are only a few steps to Taverna Naxos da Angelo. Quasi takes our order, and Modo is still making pizzas. Today we both get the same: risotto with fruits of the sea and scaloppini with mushrooms.

The risotto has been made with a bit of tomato juice and is really good with fresh prawns, mussels and pieces of squid. The veal is tender and tasty although the generous dash of olive oil makes it rather greasy. The bottle of red Etna wine is pleasant, but we liked yesterday's Corvo better.

We eat the last morsels and Quasi asks: "Finnish?". We nod. At least we are Scandinavian. We order peach and strawberry ice, but Quasi repeats his mantra: "Finnish!". Well, then what about Macedonia?

Quasi asks pappa, and when he nods Quasi starts peeling oranges and pears. When he is finnish, the fruit salad is served with vanilla ice cream and a dash of some liquor. Very good! The meal gets its finish with an espresso, almond wine for Helle and a grappa for me. 55 € is cheap for such a treat.

Back home we settle on the balcony with a blanket and a glass of the white wine we bought in Sigma for less than 1 Euro. It is OK. The night is black, and only the stars hint where the sea ends and where the sky begins.