To Lacco Ameno and Casamicciola Terme

It will be hot today! It is already hot at 6:40, when I get out on the balcony.

At 9:30 a Circum Sinistra goes to Lacco Ameno. On our last visit Helle saw a blouse in need of a good home, so we make it a rescue operation, and anyway time is here to be killed.

Lacco Ameno is awakening when we arrive. We walk along the seafront and back, and on the way Helle finds a shirt for the nephew and a somewhat bigger blouse made in China for herself. Mission accomplished.

Yellow house in Casamicciola Tree and blue sky
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We continue to the pretty town of Casamicciola Terme, where we cool off with refreshments in the shadow.

Here too we walk along the promenade with detours behind to the pretty and well-kept houses with lots of flowers. The same old lady, who greeted me yesterday, is sitting in the shadow next to the same old man, and like yesterday we exchange polite Buon giornos.

Back to Ischia Porto

We consider staying and having lunch in Casamicciola, but decide to go home. We get on a coach, shop at the mini market and go home for lunch.

Some noisy workmen are working just around the corner, but fortunately they leave for lunch. I hope their break will last as long as our siesta.

Shoulder dog

Evening walk and supper

The harbour restaurants lying side by side are like most other restaurants - just more expensive.

After a walk and an aperitivo at Bar delle Rose we have pizza at Ciro's and ice cream for dessert. The bill is served with a limoncello on the house. Uhm, it is good to be a regular!

On the way back home we hear charming Neapolitan mandolins from a souvenir shop. He has a short shelf with CDs, and I ask which one he is playing right now.

He finds it, and I buy. Now we have romance and holiday memories for the long winter evenings.

Today is organic waste day, and I escort the bag to the reception. Then we spend some time on the balcony until bedtime.