Lake Bled

Lake Bled is small, and you can walk around it in a couple of hours. If you are lazy you can do the trip on a small toy-like train.

In the lake lies Slovenia's only island. It is tiny, but there's been a church for many years. The first stone church was inaugurated in 1142, and before Christianity the island was home to a Slavic cult.

Pilgrims were Bled's first "tourists" and since then Bled has attracted visitors with its thermal springs and exquisite beauty.

If you visit the island then notice that there's mistletoe everywhere - there's hardly a tree without this parasite.

Lake Bled in morning light The island in Lake Bled You can sail to the island. Photo: Henrik Kaysfeld On the island
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You can take a boat to the island. The boat is covered by an awning and can take 12-14 passengers. Skipper rows standing aft. It isn't cheap - we paid 8 EUR each (no haggling), and of course you must pay before leaving the island. In summer it is a pleasant trip, but in November it was bitterly cold.

Back in the 1780's the landlord suggested several times that the lake should be dried and used for agriculture. On the side the clay at the bottom could be used for bricks. Fortunately this never happened, but he managed to block some of the thermal springs.

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