Food in Slovenia

Or at "Gostilna Pri Planincu"

Gostilna Pri Planincu

The Slovenian kitchen is dominated by solid meat dishes. The meat is usually grilled or fried and the portions are often huge. Some places you need to order salad, potatoes or the like separately. Ask if in doubt, or you run the risk of getting meat only!

On the very first day we dropped in at "Gostilna Pri Planincu" by chance, and Planincu may well be the best restaurant in Bled. It lies just beside the bus station. The name means something like "At The Mountain Climber's", and food here if good, abundant and cheap.

The service is kind and professional and the waiter's English is excellent. A basket with fresh bread is served immediately.

Raznici with mustard and ajvar Cevapcici with mustard and ajvar Trout  la Trst (Trieste - with garlic and lemon) Turkey schnitzel with filling
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A large portion of soup cost but 2 EUR (I recommend their mushroom soup!), and most main courses with side dishes are less than 7 EUR. The most expensive dish was Scampi at ca. 13,5 EUR. I had scampi with tomato sauce and - considerately -a finger bowl with lemon wedges. Compared to the meat dishes half a kilo of scampi is a starter, because there isn't much left when peeled, but it is delicious!

Traditional local dishes are Raznici, grilled pork tenderloin, and Cevapcici, spicy meatballs (shaped like sausages). Ajvar is always served with grilled dishes. It is red relish of red pepper, aubergine, onion, garlic, oil and more.

I love Cevapcici. They are not special to Slovenia, but are rather the Balkan meatball. I presume every housewife has her own recipe. Raznici, as served at Planincu, is quite a challenge: on two spits you get a whole pork tenderloin in pieces!

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Excellent wines are made in Slovenia. The house wine at Planincu is cheap but sour. Try a bottle instead. The most expensive wines were about 10 EUR a bottle and you really get value for money: Red wine with finesse and power that go well with the food. And never forget to order a bottle of Radenska, Slovenian mineral water with superb taste.

After dinner you can visit the bar. The ceiling is covered with American car licence plates, and there are flowers on the tables. Beware if they look like chilli, because it is chilli, as one of our company learned the hard way.

No, it is much better to taste the good Slovenian beer, or try a peach or pear brandy. Yummy!

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