The Postojna caves

Slovenia has hundreds, well thousands of caves, and if you visit Slovenia don't miss the chance to see one. The best known is in Postojna, ca. 50 km southwest of Ljubljana. You can go there by bus or train from Ljubljana.

The Postojna caves are famous and for many years they have been the centre of a lucrative tourist business. If you go to Postojna by bus, it is but a 10-15 minute walk from the bus station, and tours are at fixed hours. Out of season there are but 2-3 tours a day, so you'd better check the timetable before going there - e.g. at the caves' homepage.

A train takes you into the mountain. Photo: Henrik Kaysfeld

You start the tour by driving a few kilometres into the mountain on a small train. You pass through one cave after the other, and the amazing formations of stalactites and stalagmites are illuminated in a very artistic way.

After that groups (by language) are taken for a 45-minute walk through caves in different levels and with different colours depending on what minerals have been washed from the rock.

It is strictly forbidden to take pictures, but nobody seemed to care, and as the guide didn't seem to notice the flashes, we soon took some pictures too. Afterwards we made amends in the souvenir shop.

Stalagmites in the spaghetti hall We meet at last! The White Diamond
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Remember that water actually drips in the caves and that the temperature is constantly 8C. I don't recommend T-shirt and sandals!

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