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Inhabitants: ca. 91.400 (in the commune 2003)

Region: Marche. Pesaro is on the coast some 35 km south of Rimini and 61 km north of Ancona.

Map: Pesaro - Google Maps

Areacode: 0721

Pronunciation: "Pesaro" is pronounced with stress on the first syllable (Pesaro).


The nearest airports are in Rimini and Ancona Falconara Marittima.

Trains & Buses

You can go to Pesaro by train. It is on the north/south railway. The bus station is by the railway station, and buses cover most of the area around Pesaro including Urbino. You cannot get to Urbino by train, but buses go from Pesaro.


There are buses in Pesaro, but I haven't tried them - the city centre has just the right size for walking.

Quite a few use bicycles. You can rent one, but many hotels have some as a service to their guests. Traffic is not too scary, but none the less some (untrained tourists?) drive on the pavement.


Like in most cities it is not easy to find a place to park in Pesaro, but it is not a nightmare like in Rome.

Where to Stay?

Marche Voyager has a searchable database with hotels, camp sites and accomodation in the Marche region. Hotels in Pesaro are cheap (with seasonal prices) compared to tourist centres that attract more foreign tourists. It seems that the primary clientele is Italian families who want to enjoy beach life. Most hotels offer full board [HELPENSION] reasonably cheap, and at some hotels you must stay for at least one week to get a room.

Some hotels have a 'relaxed' attitude to email, and some hotels in Pesaro never answered my mail, so in the end I had to phone them anyway. My guess is that they are not used to foreign guests. So if you want to contact the hotel directly or make an inquiry with no go-between, I recommend the telephone. Most places they speak English and maybe German.

Air condition will typically cost extra, but don't forget that it can be a blessing on hot summer days!

Restaurants in Pesaro

For a description of restaurants we have visited please read my travelogue Pesaro 2007. There are many restaurants along the beach promenade (typically hotels), and in the city centre most are located near Piazza Lazzarini (between Piazza del Popolo and the railway station). We had a hunch that the restaurants on the beach promenade cater mostly for tourists and did not try any.

In the centre most guests seem to be locals. Prices are very reasonable, and seafood dominates many a menu. Keeping in mind that most guests are locals, it is no wonder that the food is excellent, and compared to tourist hot spots like Venice, restaurants in Pesaro serve much better or at least much cheaper food.


In Italy tips are usually included at restaurants, but it is not unusual to pay a round figure or leave some coins as thanks for good service (if it was good!). We usually leave a tip like 10 in the room for the maid when we check out after 5-7 days. If at a bar you can also leave a dime - there is often a plate for coins/tips. Pesaro is in northern Italy, which is fairly well off compared to the south and in Sicily, and in general tips are not expected.


Pesaro's centre has buildings dating back to medieval times. By the city's main square, Piazza del Popolo, is the old ducal palace, Palazzo Ducale, but there are other interesting churches, buildings and museums. See Marche Voyager for ideas.

If you have got the time, the medieval town of Urbino is definitely worth a visit. It is not far to San Marino either.


There are several banks and ATMs in the city centre.


EU citizens must carry valid identification when in Italy - for instance an identity card. Non EU citizens must carry a passport. Personally I don't like to carry my passport around (pickpockets etc.). Instead I hope a photocopy and driver's license will suffice.

Receipts and Control

In Italy you must get a receipt whenever you buy something. Sometimes the tax authorities check customers, and if they don't have a receipt, the shop owner will be fined for tax evasion. If you don't get a receipt, you can be pretty sure it is tax evasion.

In public transport like buses and trains ticket controls are frequent. If you don't have a valid ticket you will be fined.

I have heard about ticket scams. If you are quite sure your ticket is valid then ask to see some ID and write down the name etc. You can refuse to pay here and now (the law does not demand that you carry money), and if the person in question begins to bargain and reduce the amount, you can be pretty certain it is a scam. Don't be fooled by a uniform and official looks.

However I seriously doubt this happens in Pesaro where foreign tourists are few.

Counterfeit Merchandise

In Pesaro too faked goods are sold in the streets. Copies of international brands are sold at bargain prices: bags, watches, sunglasses etc.

Don't buy! It is equivalent to buying stolen goods and fines are heavy. I have read a story about a Danish tourist who was fined 10,000 in 2006 for buying counterfeit sunglasses in the street.

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Updated 19th August 2007