A Stroll in Pesaro

The old old synagogue district has narrow streets with Jewish names. The houses are small; some are in a poor condition, others have bright colours. There are flowers, cobblestones and small shops.

I have a coffee at Carlo's and write down the museums' opening hours. Palazzo Ducale houses the public administration, and it seems you cannot get a look inside - there's a uniformed guard and a sign that doesn't say "welcome".

From Pesaro's old district Gates in Pesaro From Pesaro
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On the Corso an old man is begging in a monotonous voice. He wears a black coat and a pointed hat, and with his wild beard he looks like a wizard from Lord of the Rings. The old fortress is being restored, and the gates are closed.

After the siesta we go for a long walk in the city centre. To the northwest houses are more humble, but where the Corso ends there's a big and stately house in disrepair. It will soon turn into a ruin. A long forbidding wall screens a garden.

White wine served with lots of snacks

We have a glass of white wine at Piazza Lazzarini. The wine is nothing special, but is served with lots of snacks. It is weird: you order a glass of wine and get a buffet. There are pieces of bread with olives, pieces of sausage and cheese, olives, nuts etc.

In Italy it is not unusual to get some peanuts or chips with your drink, but in Pesaro it seems quite out of proportion some places. It must be an excuse to increase the price, and we get no receipt.

Supper at da Sante

From the outside Trattoria da Sante looks small, but it is actually quite spacious. Helle has a big portion of pasta with seafood, and I have grilled fish with salad. For dessert lemon sorbet.

Pasta with seafood Mixed grilled fish
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It is almost full of locals, and only a few orders from the printed menu. Most start with a days' catch of mussels. The TV is on.