Pictures from Kalymnos and Telendos

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Myrties in evening light The pier in Myrties after sunset Sunset in Kalymnos

Sunset and Telendos The strait between Kalymnos and Telendos Greek men in Myrties

The ferry between Leros and Kalymnos Kalymnos insects Wasp

Greek wasp Plant in Myrties Hawaii flower in Kalymnos Sign about sailing trips to Emporios

Ferry between Myrties and Telendos White balusters and blue sea

Clouds in Kalymnos' evening sky Sunset clouds Clouds in the evening sky


Telendos seen from Myrties Telendos shrouded in clouds Telendos view

Small street in Telendos Crying girl in Telendos Pines in Telendos

Church in Telendos Telendos sunset Restaurant Zorbas in Telendos Flowers in Telendos Christian necropolis in Telendos The village in Telendos


From Pothia's old town Woman and child in Pothia Sea sponges in Pothia

Privy with blue door in Pothia's old town Blue door and yellow stairs in Pothia Blue stairs in Pothia

Shoe-black in Pothia Old woman in Pothia

Women in Pothia's old town Old women entering the bus

From Pothia Banister in Pothia Scooter-car on Pothia's seafront

Greek food

Ouzo aperitif Giant Metaxa

Greek fish soup Lamb stifado Deep fried balls of spinach and feta cheese

Souvlaki - Greek skewer Chickens on a spit by Zorbas in Telendos Deep fried stuffed red pepper

Greek lamb shank in rosemary sauce Greek goat at George's Restaurant


Cat on a pillar in Pothia Cat in Telendos

Cat dozing on a pillar in Pothia Cat in Pothia's old town

Cat in stone wall Lazy cat in Pothia Telendos kitten

Holiday in Kalymnos


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