Telendos, a tiny Greek island

Telendos island lies off the coast by the towns Myrties and Massouri in Kalymnos. With its 458 metres high mountain it has an eye-catching Matterhorn profile.

About 15 families live here, and there are no cars. There's a mini market, a few taverns and a few studios where you can rent a room.

The village on Telendos Telendos Flowers on Telendos
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Small ferries sail between Telendos an Myrties every half hour, and we went there several times to enjoy the sunset and dine.

Telendos' dramatic history

Street in Telendos Cat in Telendos
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Telendos and Kalymnos were one until the year 554, when a violent eartquake hit Kalymnos and created the strait that separates Telendos from the main island.

Where the strait is today and to the southwestern part of Telendos, lay the city Pothaea, believed to be the main city of Kalymnos at the time. You can still see ruins and a Roman amphitheatre on the sea bed. Read more about this on Telendos Island.

Seeing the strait between the islands you get an idea of the incredible force of an earthquake. According to the contemporary historian Agathias the quake lasted for 14 days.

On the island are remains of Roman buildings, a medieval monastery, a few church ruins and an early Christian necropolis.

Telendos today

As mentioned the island has but a few inhabitants, and it is a very peaceful place. There are some beaches and some 4-5 "official" routes for climbers.

The small harbour has a nice seafront promenade, a bar and a few taverns. Here you enjoy the view to Myrties and Massouri looking good in the soft light of the sunset, and some evenings mist climb from the sea up the steep cliffs of Kalymnos.